Working at home as a web developer isn't conducive to physical activity, especially in the winter. Sometimes I take to the streets to get some exercise, and one of my favorite places to stroll is the small, quirky town of White River Junction.

The downtown boasts interesting shops, like the The Collection and Revolution consignment boutiques, art galleries and frame shops, Little Istanbul, which sells Turkish gifts, unique restaurants and cafés such as Piecemeal Pies and Tuckerbox, and Café Renée, and many other interesting finds. I love to look at the architecture, the window displays,  and the random mural and poster art that decorates building facades.

I will add to this collection of what I've seen in WRJ, but here are a few recent images.

Afternoon shadows hang on this interesting doorway tucked away in an alley.
After hours at Café Renée
Shoes at The Collection, a consignment boutique
Main Street Furniture
Old restaurant building is now home to Phnom Penh's latest sandwich location.