I miss many things from our old house in Bradford, Vermont. I miss the wide pine floors, the small details, like, the tiny hallway between the kitchen and dining room. I placed wrought iron candleholders on both sides to create a warm transition between the rooms. I miss the foyer and stairway leading up to the second floor with it's lovely built-ins. My books live in boxes now in our basement. Although, now we have a basement we can store things in! Oh, the way everything came to bloom at once on Mother's Day! And, I miss how the home's vintage charm made it so well-suited for holiday decorating.

Alas, we moved, and there are some wonderful things about our current home. One built in the 80's with more flat surfaces and square angles than charm, but a good school district, a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating, a dry basement, and easy up-keep—a necessity for busy lives.

One thing I love about our home is the large picture window in the living room, and the striking morning light that flows through in the mornings, turning everything to gold.

I couldn't resist my urge to capture a bit of this morning glow. It adds festive cheer and nostalgia to all it touches.

Pictured above is the beautiful gingerbread house we assembled.

The temptation of sampling the house is real.

She inspects her work.

Shadows on the wall.

I took several shots standing on my tip-toes trying to get the sun perfectly centered behind this angel ornament. Yes, that is the rising sun through our window.

My daughter is obsessed with this tiny star ornament. She loves to take and replace the ornaments around the tree, and often I find her small toys and figurines hidden away, nestled in the boughs.