(that title sounds a little like the growing up book I received when I was a kid) 🤭

Hi, there. I'm Courtney Cania, but you probably know this by now.

I'm a web developer, places and faces photographer, mom of one daughter and two cats, wife to a realtor / two-wheel aficionado, lifelong learner, lover of Netflix, cherry sour ales, and grilled cheese.

Me and husband Sal, in Montreal. 

I live with my family in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. I've spent most of my life living between New Hampshire and Vermont with short stints in Nantucket and Myrtle Beach. I like to go for long drives with my camera to photograph the countryside, and more than anything, I enjoy photographing people.

My style

I prefer a documentary approach to photography, where my keepers are those that highlight true engagement between the subject(s) and the moment.

I value images that say something or evoke emotion. I'm into keeping it real, which means not altering my subjects or their surroundings too much, and preserving the honesty of life as it occurs.

Motivation and goals

I have a strong curiosity about people's lives and stories. I love to examine why we do the things we do, and how our individual experiences shape our behavior and choices.

I am a creator thrilled to make images, especially those with the power to make you feel something.

Ordinary is extraordinary

If I could spend my life doing anything I wanted, I would go out into the world or simply next door, to listen to people share their experiences, and document them in a way to elevate the ordinary as extraordinary. Because it is, and they are.

About this website

This is a site that uses the Ghost platform that I'm developing out as a solution to synthesize my photography services, travel, personal lifestyle and documentary work. My hope is that I can provide a rich experience where I can show off my thoughts about photography along with my client work and personal projects, and leverage my web development skills. This Ghost platform is pretty cool to me, and I like to make things.

Get in touch

Here are some ways to contact me and engage on social. If you are interested in a photo session, you can check out my photography services and email me for details.

For my latest personal project, I'm photographing families for New Hampshire Now, a statewide documentary photography project led by the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists, and I'm actively looking for families to participate.